Wired Frame

Holder Benefits

Unlock the Value

Discord Private Channels

We provide powerful insight for all the levels of NFTs Investor. In order to have always the best overview how the market is going and for the best decision making process, the Holder has access to:
Alpha Group
Alpha Chat the place where we brainstorm the projects and new potential collections.
Mint calendar to see on a daily basis what the mints of the day are.
Alpha Call & Insight from the most important callers and projects out here with more than 20 Channels!
WL & Giveaways
Definitely one of the most important activities of the project, working for high-value collaborations for the community by going to reserve whitelist spots. Continued FREE Giveaways from the official twitter profile Wired Frame and that of the founder.
NFT Treasury
You can find us in SolPunks DAO, Broccoli DAO, Nexi DAO, K-Labs DAO and more... Our nft wallet is continuously expanding to bring more and more information with an outside perspective according to our Outside-In Strategy.
Wallet Tracker
More than 20 movements tracking of the major Whale in the space like Solhub, Anglio, Fxnction, Solstice and more...
Power Tracker
The wallet tracker is not enough for us so we add also New Mint Tracker, New Magice Eden Listing Tracker and Paper Hands Tracker
All the Holder Levels have te access to the Private Channels and can request to add new type of Channels.
Always DYOR
More than 40 Secret Channels

Automation Utilities

Utilities are the tech backbone of the project, be an Holder means to have access to this incredible Utilities Power Pack.

Digital WorkForce

We want to optimize cost and time in the project development and we've developed support tools for NFT project teams in order to avoid repetitive tasks and have more time for added value activities.
Discord Project Shiller
Automation that acting as a user and not as a bot for project shilling and Discord Invite.
Discord Friendly Shiller
Smooth automation that keep your discord more friendly.
Twitter RAID Workforce
A small group of automation that spread the love to your tweet.
Telegram Project Shiller (Under Development)
Automation that acting as a user and not as a bot for project shilling.

Holder Level Access

  • Can use x1 service per week, max 1 interaction
  • Twitter RAID Workforce Source Code
  • Can use x3 service per week, max 10 interaction
  • Source Code & Support
Each Source Code can be purchased for 1 SOL or sweeping 10 NFTs and send them back to Wired Frame Team.
Please contact Wired Frame or the founder or join the Discord and open a ticket, for all the instructions or to ask information.
Use with caution these tools which will not replace the organic growth of your project and do not guarantee the success of your project.
Automation Utilities

Discord Mirror Bot

This is the Killer Utility, with this bot we can mirror discord chat real time, opening several business cases to investigate.
We decided to give maximum value to the collection so to buy our service you will need to be a holder and send to the Wired Frame team the corresponding number of N0AH 1st ERA Collection NFTs https://magiceden.io/marketplace/awf.
You will be able to activate one of the 3 basic TIERs to have all the best channels from the best DAOs directly in your server :
  • Wallet Tracker
  • Mint Info
  • Alpha Calls (Broccoli, Levis, Cozy, ME and mooooore...)
Holder level Access of Modular Service
Advanced Pack Channels details in the Wired Frame Discord.
The Source Code can be purchased for 10 SOL.
Please contact Wired Frame or the founder or join the Discord and open a ticket, for all the instructions or to ask information.

Work with the Team

Any holder can be chosen as a Core Team Member or Side Team Member. The choice will be made based on actual skills and community approval.
Core Team Member
Side Team Member
You will be part of the Wired Frame Core Team and you will work directly on the project, having in exchange for your services the right compensation.
You will be part of NFT Distributed Consulting Services Pilot Program, so you will be engage for work in other projects accordingly with your skills. Income will be divided between the professional and the vault community, In this way value will be created for all. Details here.
We are collecting the CV and capabilities in order to define if your profile is fitting for the Core Team or for the Side Team.

Wired0 Lab Incubator

Every Holder can list his project or idea or ask for help with their on going project and ask for our support in our Discord.

Holder Level Access

  • Onboarding Work Shop
  • Discord Definition
  • Collab Strategy
  • Listing Support
  • Wired Frame 3th parties utilities
  • Blue Chip Group shilling
  • All above
  • Wired Frame Utilities Set up and Configuration
  • Development (Mint Site or Web site)
For any other request will be manage 1:1 negotiation.
For all the project that will be selected will have to guarantee wl to the community.