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NFT Distributed Consulting Services

The skills of the future


The NFT space has grown exponentially creating new job positions. Looking during those months we saw that most of the projects are unstructured and the young age of the founders shows the lack of organization and professionalism. In this storm, speculation and the presence of scammers has increased by lacking reliable reference points.
With this approach is almost impossible to scale this culture in the mass market and attract big enterprises
Wired Frame wants to become a reference in the web3 world by providing its professional consulting skills and create new young professionals.

Web3 Skills

Following the main job profile in the web3:
  • Moderators
  • Collab Managers
  • Solana Developers
  • Marketing Manager
  • Artist & Designers
  • Community Managers
This section will be updated with other details.

The Team

We are collecting the applications of the holders in our Discord and periodically will select the candidates in order to create an heterogeneous team and offer externally our services.
If you have zero experience you must do an intern in Wired Frame team and in any case you have to do a trial period in our team in order to verify your soft and hard skills and define your market price.
Income will be divided between the professional and the vault community, In this way value will be created for all.
All details of the service here.
Governance and a service model is under development.
Consulting Services