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Discord Project Shiller

Chill the Shill


One of the easiest way to share your project, during the development phase, is to post in the shill channel in others servers, without considering that in several servers the shill channel is available only to holders. Moreover, is important not to be a bot because the bot are limited and cold.
This kind of activity is very time consuming and expensive.
We have developed a Robotic Process Automation Tool that shill your project around the world simulating a human behavior. You can access to all Wired Frame NFT Network and you can also choose in which servers your project should be shilled.
The Bot

Service Plan

There is two main options for the service that we offer:
  1. 1.
    SaaS - You can use the bot hosted in Wired Frame infrastructure
  2. 2.
    Private Installation - You can deploy in your infrastructure
We will fully support for the configuration in both cases in order to deploy smoothly a working automation.
All details to purchase the service here.

Use Cases

This utility can unlock several use cases such as:
  • Project Shiller - Share post about your project around the NFT globe
  • Invite Shiller - Share Discord invite around the NFT globe
  • Automatic Post - Post things in a selected channel in order to avoid the purge (available only if you purchase the source code)
  • much more...
Wired Frame is not responsible for misuse of the utility and any limitations imposed by Discord.