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The Discord Mirror Bot allows to do the mirroring of discord channels in real time.
In the NFT Discord ecosystem there a thousands of Discords with hundreds of channels and is almost impossible not to lose information. Imagine that you have 50 NFTs, from different projects with different utilities, you have to jump from 1 server to another in order to see all announcements, wl, giveaways, calls... Or maybe you are an alpha caller or a collab manager and you have to work in several servers ensuring a high level of service quality, this utility is perfect for you.
The operation is very simple. For example, you are a member in Server A and you are the owner (or a team member with high privileges) in Server B. You want to track every messages of the Channel 1 in Server A directly in you Channel 2 in Server B.
Just be inside in both servers and have the necessary information of the two channels:
  • Bot Token
  • Channel ID
  • Webhook
You can see the Bot active in the Discord holder channels and a channel preview for non-holders.
Discord Mirror Bot in action

Service Plan

There is two main options for the service that we offer:
  1. 1.
    SaaS - You can use the bot hosted in Wired Frame infrastructure
  2. 2.
    Private Installation - You can deploy in your infrastructure
We will fully support for the configuration in both cases in order to deploy smoothly a working Bot.
All details to purchase the service here.

Use Cases

This utility can unlock several use cases such as:
  • You are an alpha caller in several discords in the same time, this can allow you to be more efficient and maximize the collaborations which means more income.
  • You are a black belt NFT investor in several DAO, you can create a discord aggregator in order to have all the relevant info in 1 place.
  • You are a collab manager or mods and you have to be faster in order not to miss opportunities, again all in 1 place to save your time up to 50%.
  • You are a NFT Entrepreneur and you have several discord to monitor and you have to copy & paste same info in all your servers, no more your time is money.
  • You can track all Purge Channels and keep safe your roles and wl.
  • the sky is the limit...
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Wired Frame is not responsible for misuse of the utility and any limitations imposed by Discord.